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Blackberry Z10 Test Review

Well-made plastic box

The Z10 is striking: in a white plastic housing lies a deep black screen that stretches across the entire width. Between the display panel itself and the edge of the case, however, remains much space - and the first releases of incomprehension. Really compact the BlackBerry smartphone with a footprint of 130 x 65.5 mm is not. Google Nexus 4 about exceeding these dimensions by only 3 or 4 mm, but accommodates a significantly larger 4.7 "display, the Motorola RAZR i measured with a 4.3 "screen just 122.5 x 60.9 mm. However, the lush surface of the housing allows the already low height of 9 mm look even flatter.

There is little to complain about in the processing. Despite plastic housing, the smartphone feels valent, the processing is on high level. The back cover creaks slightly below minimum pressure and springs after. For a smartphone with a removable battery which is however completely in the ballpark.

High quality display is a tad too dark

The questi…